Are Financial Advisors Prepared for LinkedIn’s Next Update?

You’ve probably read by now LinkedIn has announced a redesign of its desktop user interface set to take place by the end of 1st quarter 2017. Although some are referring to this as just a “desktop user interface” redesign it’s much more than that.

If past is prologue LinkedIn redesigns have come with the elimination of features and this time is no different. For Financial Advisors using LinkedIn Basic you should say good-bye to Advanced Search, Saved Search, the Relationship section including Notes and Tags and the ability to research your Connections’ Connections. However, the Notes and Tags feature will still be available to those subscribing to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. I have heard that the other features are available in Sales Navigator and other paid versions of LinkedIn, but I have not been able to confirm.

With imminent change coming to LinkedIn how should Financial Advisors protect their data?

As a precaution, the first thing you will want to do is download your LinkedIn Account data. You should do this download from your desktop as it is not available using the mobile app.

If your firm uses an archiving tool such as Socialware you already have an archive of the information you used to create and update your LinkedIn Profile in your Socialware Profile Manager. By using the LinkedIn download you will receive information on categories that are applicable to your account and activities on LinkedIn such as Inbox Communications, Invitations and more. If you don’t have Skills listed on your profile you won’t receive a Skills file.

The LinkedIn download will be delivered on a spreadsheet in .csv format and include the following data. There is also a quick explanation of each field and the length of time it will take before its available to you. This formatting is important as if LinkedIn removes a section or sections with the new redesign you can easily cut and paste the information back into your profile.






To initiate a download of your LinkedIn data, click on your “small” profile photo in the upper right hand corner of your LinkedIn Profile. On the drop-down menu click on the blue “Manage” button next to “Privacy & Settings”. You’re now entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This is where all the LinkedIn Settings are located.



By clicking “Manage” you will be taken to your “Account” and the first section is titled “Basics”. Scroll down to “Getting an archive of your data” and click on it.


This will open another drop down and provide you with a choice of how you’d like to receive your LinkedIn data. Select the format which is best for you and click on “Request archive”.


When you click on “Request archive” you will get another drop-down which ask for your password.


Once you’ve entered your password you’ll see the following notice:


I choose the “Fast file plus other data” option and as mentioned in the above note I did receive an email from LinkedIn within about two minutes of submittal. Please note that the email contains a link for you to download your LinkedIn Profile data.


When you click the “…download it with this link” hyperlink in the message LinkedIn takes you back to your account settings page and prompts you to download the data.


The time from clicking “Download” until the file was completely downloaded took approximately 1 minute. I was delivered a zip folder and the following file:


Now that you’ve archived your LinkedIn data it’s also important to create a .PDF of your LinkedIn Profile. We’ll show you how to do that here: LinkedIn Changes are Coming! What Should Financial Advisors Do Now?

Looking for a daily LinkedIn routine? Here is a Daily 9-Minute LinkedIn Routine for Financial Advisors

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