Five Things Financial Advisors Can DO NOW To Get Noticed on LinkedIn

An April 2013 LinkedIn study “Influencing the Mass Affluent” found that close to 90% of people with assets between $100K – $1M turn to social media to help them make important financial decisions. With 2017 upon us what are you doing to make sure you can be found on LinkedIn? Here are five things you can DO NOW to help get you and your business found on LinkedIn in 2017.

  1. Add or Update Your LinkedIn Photo

Per DMR adding a professional photo to your LinkedIn Profile makes you 14 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn. And, adding a photo to your LinkedIn Profile make you 36 times more likely to receive a message on LinkedIn. LinkedIn adds that LinkedIn members who include a profile photo receive 21 times more profile views.

Now, ask yourself, would I want to do business with the person in the photo. If not, have a clean, professional photo of yourself taken and add it to your LinkedIn Profile.

Does your LinkedIn photo look competent? Do viewers perceive you as likable or influential? To find out go to photofeeler and follow the simple instructions. You’ll be surprised at the results.

  1. Update your Accomplishments

As 2016 ends have you earned any new certifications and/or designations this year that you can add to your LinkedIn Profile “Certifications” section. CFP, CIMA, CFA, ChFU or Series 7, 24, 66 are a few that come to mind.

Maybe you’ve completed requirements for an undergraduate or graduate degree that can be added to your profile.

  1. Update your Organizations

Have you joined any new organizations – Charities, Service Organizations, Community Organizations, Philanthropic Organizations – this year which you haven’t displayed in your LinkedIn Profile?

Have you been appointed or accepted any officer or director roles in any organization this year? If so, make sure you list those appointments on LinkedIn.

  1. Update Honors and Awards 

Have you received and Honors or Awards this year which you can display in your LinkedIn Profile?

      5. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

For those that haven’t completed their LinkedIn Profile now might be the time to complete it. LinkedIn states that users with “complete profiles” are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. If your curious about what makes a complete LinkedIn Profile here it is:

  • Your Industry and Location
  • Your Current Position
  • A minimum of two past positions
  • Your Education
  • Your Skills (minimum of 3)
  • A Professional Profile Photo
  • At least 50 Connections

Now for the great debate: Should you or should you not “Notify” your LinkedIn Connections of the changes you’ve made to your profile?

LinkedIn allows you to turn your activity broadcasts “on” or “off”. You can even go so far as to select who can see your activity feed by going into the “Privacy & Settings” area and making the change there.

So, what triggers an update? Anytime you make one of the following changes to your profile LinkedIn will send an update to your connections:

  • Adding a new current job position
  • Adding a new current school
  • Adding a new link to a website
  • Recommending someone
  • Following a company
  • Adding a connection – We’ll send an update if you’ve chosen “Your connections” when you control who can see your connections
  • Adding additional skills to your profile
  • Sharing content with your network.
  • Editing the title of your current position (this will generate an update stating that “You’ve updated your experience section)
  • Current work experience anniversaries

Regardless of your activity settings the following changes to your LinkedIn profile will result in an update being sent to your connections:

  • Adding or changing your profile photo
  • Connecting with other LinkedIn members. Note: You can turn the notification off when you make a new connection by hiding your connection list.
  • Group activity – You now have the option to turn this off within your Group settings, if you don’t, an activity will post. Learn more about preventing updates when you join a group. Of course this depends on how active your firm’s Social Media Policy allows you to be in LinkedIn Groups
  • Sharing content
  • Following a company
  • Upgrading to a Premium account (doesn’t apply to Job Seeker account)
  • Following an Influencer, Channel, or Publisher
  • When you “Like” shared content – Check with your compliance department as a significant number of firms don’t allow their Financial Advisors to “Like”, “Share” or “Comment” on other people’s posts.

Most Financial Advisors who argue against making their changes public often take the position they don’t want to appear as “spammers”.

First, let’s discuss who will see those updates and for how long will they be visible. If you have your profile visibility set to “Public” your update may appear on:

  • The LinkedIn “Home Page” of your 1st degree connections
  • If one of your 1st degree connections “Likes”, “Shares” or “Comments” on your update it will appear on the LinkedIn “Home Page” of your 2nd or 3rd degree connections
  • Content search results for topics you’ve posted
  • Your “Recent Activity” page
  • LinkedIn Pulse

Bear in mind in the current LinkedIn configuration most your updates will appear on your “Recent Activity” page for approximately 14 days. LinkedIn is already suggesting that the duration for which different types of activities appear may change as they continue to improve their product.

Before you succumb to the “spammer” notion consider how your updates are displayed on LinkedIn, how long they’re visible for and who sees them.

Your connections, when they’re logged into their LinkedIn account, see your update(s) in the feed on their “Home” page.


Note the update feed is not static and changes or scrolls as new updates are added to your feed. Also, your connections are not notified when you have posted a new update so they are not receiving annoying alert type emails at various times of the day and night. The above screen-shot was taken at 7:31 pm and by 7:44 pm I had received an additional 4 updates to my LinkedIn feed, as evidenced by the screen-shot below:


This means that I must look at the four new updates before I get to the original updates shown in the first screen shot. Most people practice what I call a “drive by” strategy when they are on their feed. If they have a few minutes they check their feed, visit regularly rarely if ever seeing all their updates.

Out of the 20,000 or so Financial Advisors I have worked with or delivered a keynote to over the past five years I know of only one that reviews every one of their updates. This person takes two plus hours on a Saturday to do so. I don’t recommend it!


Now consider your connections and the number of their connections. Ideally your connections are active on LinkedIn and have accumulated several hundred connections of their own. If that’s the case this means within minutes they are less likely to see your update.

No that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post as no one is going to read it anyway. Per LinkedIn 20 posts per month, about 1 post per weekday, gives you about a 60% audience reach.

Regardless of what direction you choose to go in here’s how you make the adjustment to your LinkedIn Notifications button:

  1. Go to “Profile” in the LinkedIn toolbar and then click on “Edit Profile”


  1. On the lower right-hand side of your screen you will see a section titled “Notify Your Network”
  2. You have two options:
    1. No, do not publish an update to my network about my profile changes.


  1. Yes, publish an update to my network about my profile changes.


So, while there is no clear-cut answer to should you or should you not “Notify” your LinkedIn Connections of your profile changes at least now you have a basis for making your decision.


Hi this is Jordan! If you’d like professional help with your LinkedIn Profile, send me an email. I’d be happy to provide feedback on your existing LinkedIn Profile along with a firm price quote to strategize and write a new one. Plus, as a reader of this blog I’m happy to offer you a 20% discount. Just mention our Two Dogs Social blog in your email.



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