LinkedIn New User Interface – Is It for You?

Doesn’t matter it’s here for some and will be for all of us and there’s nothing you can do about it. My advice is it is what it is, get used to it and learn all you can as quickly as you can on how to navigate LinkedIn’s new User Interface. By doing so you will gain a tremendous advantage over those who will spend the next six months bemoaning the changes and lose out on a first mover advantage.

To help you better understand what is happening with the new LinkedIn User Interface I have assembled some of the best articles I’ve read about this change and have tried to provide you with some nuggets in summary form from these posts. I have also provided the link to each of the articles so you can read them in their original form at your leisure.

What we know:

  1. LinkedIn’s new User Interface is here – kind of!

The new UI is “rolling out” to LinkedIn’s 467 million users daily. I don’t have it yet but can assure you LinkedIn won’t call me, or you for that matter, to tell me when I’ll have the new UI. It will just appear one day!

  1. Colors have changed
  1. New UI is more aligned with LinkedIn Mobile app
  1. By clicking on “Grow Your Network” you can now import your email list.

You will now be able to send someone an invitation to connect via your email and you can upload a .csv file of your contacts.

  1. No more “Find Alumni” search
  1. Notes and the ability to Tag your connections are gone
  1. No more Advance Search (unless you upgrade to Sales Navigator)
  1. No more Premium Search features
  1. No more Saved Searches

What we’re guessing about:

  1. LinkedIn originally suggested that the roll out of all the new features and enhancements would be completed by end of first quarter 2017. Now there are rumblings that this may not happen until mid-May 2017.

Links to posts discussing the new LinkedIn User Interface:

  • Stan Robinson, Jr., LinkedIn Consultant provides a comparison of the current LinkedIn desktop User Interface (UI) in this YouTube video shot December 27, 2016:

  • Viveka von Rosen provides a What is the Difference Between the Old LinkedIn User Interface and the New UI in 2017 (and Why Should You Care?) perspective in this in-depth LinkedIn post and video.

  • Per this post in Wired by Robbie Gonzalez LinkedIn just gave its desktop UI the full Beverly Hills makeover.

The New LinkedIn Looks Just Like Facebook. Smart Move.

  • Bruce Johnston, a different Bruce Johnston, suggests you should separate the emotional part and make a business decision when it comes to upgrading.

What Do The User Interface Changes Mean To Free LinkedIn Users?

  • Dave Howe, SalesforLife, interviewed Koka Sexton, LinkedIn’s original social selling expert, and here’s their take on the new LinkedIn UI changes:

A Look Into The New LinkedIn User Experience [With Screenshots]

  • Here’s what LinkedIn Engineer Chris Pruett says about the changes:

LinkedIn Desktop Redesign Puts Conversations and Content at the Center

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Because LinkedIn has removed most of the “Advanced Search” functionality from the Basic Plan it looks as if you’re going to leverage LinkedIn for lead generation you’re going to have to purchase Sales Navigator. Probably the biggest downside to this move is the cost of Sales Navigator.

Accessing the area to purchase Sales Navigator is easy. There are two areas right from your LinkedIn Profile page where you can sign up for Sales Navigator. You can either go to your small photograph on your LinkedIn tool-bar and a drop-down menu appears. The second menu item is “Account: Basic”. Directly to the right of this information is a prompt that says “Upgrade”. By clicking the “Upgrade” button you will be taken to a subscription page.


The other way to access the Sales Navigator purchase page is click on the command right below your small photo which states: “Try Premium for Free”.


Once on the subscription page you will have four choices: Career, Business, Sales and Hiring. Click on Sales


Now click on “Select Plan” and you will see a section on the Sales Navigator Professional features and another prompt which says: “Start my free month”. By clicking here, you will be sent to a secure checkout area. Now you must decide on whether you want to purchase Sales Navigator for a year in advance ($779.88 annually/$64.99 per month) or monthly at $79.99 per month. Regardless of which plan you choose you can try Sales Navigator for one-month free. LinkedIn requires that you provide them credit card information to start your free trial.

Before you make the decision to purchase Sales Navigator I would strongly suggest you read this in-depth look of how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Advanced Search written by Melonie Dodaro, Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert & Social Media Strategist.

Click here to get the complete text to her blog post:

LinkedIn Advanced Search Now Only Available with Sales Navigator [Tutorial]

Hopefully the information I’ve provided helps ease your transition to the new LinkedIn User Interface and will help you make an educated guess on whether you need Sales Navigator or not.

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