Is LinkedIn for everybody?

Social media and leveraging social media is not a fad. It’s here to stay as evidenced by these growth projections from Cisco in their most recent Visual Networking Index (VNI) report. Cisco found that 58% of the global population will be Internet users by 2021, and that the average Internet user will generate 61GB of Internet traffic per month by the same year. That is a huge 155% increase of data from 2016. Moreover, Internet video traffic— business and consumer—will be 80% of all Internet traffic by 2021.

Furthermore, Clients Really Want You on Facebook and LinkedIn according to a survey cited by Financial Advisor IQ magazine in a December 17, 2015 article. Among the findings of the survey, which polled 1,242 financial advisors and 1,021 consumers who either use an advisor or contribute to the family’s financial decision-making, was that three-quarters of the consumers polled said they think it’s either “somewhat important” or “critical” that their advisor provide them with more education.

This survey also found that social-media platforms are starting to differentiate how they’re used in the financial-advice industry. Here’s what the survey revealed:

  • LinkedIn is used for finding new clients
  • Facebook is used to keep up with existing 
and new clients
  • Twitter to “listen and learn from others.” I would add, by adding hashtags in front of a concept (#) Twitter becomes a resource. Type in #retirementplanning in the Twitter “search” area and check out the results!

Today 85% of advisers are actively using social media, up from 75% in 2014, according to a Putnam Investments survey of 1,018 advisers released October 13, 2016 and reported by Liz Skinner in InvestmentNews. The study also revealed:

  • About 80% of advisers said they are finding new clients from using social media sites, that’s up from 49% in 2013
  • On average, those new client pick-ups have added about $4.9 million in assets

Two Dogs Social Tip! Use LinkedIn as the “Generational Wealth Transfer Bridge” it was intended to be for Financial Advisors. Connect with all of your clients that are on LinkedIn, and then connect with their children. Now they know who you are and they will receive the material you post to LinkedIn on a regular basis.

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